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Shine On Screen


Exclusive 90-Day 1:1 Private Coaching


You want to receive customized coaching based on what’s specifically needed for you to up-level

You want to speed up your online presence with in-depth, personalized attention

You want to accelerate your career growth with invaluable, expert advice on branding and standing-out on VIDEO

You want to unleash the courage to be unapologetically you and boldly attract epic opportunities you’re meant for

You want an inspired action plan to follow and the next steps you literally cannot wait to take

You want to set yourself up to finally follow through on becoming highly visible, hitting your income goals and showing up as the star you’re meant to be!

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  • Intimate, weekly 1:1 coaching & recorded audio sessions

  • Comprehensive welcome packet so that I’m familiar with your story before the program begins

  • Initial 90-min intensive to get you on the road to becoming the star that you are!

  • Personal coaching with me to make the most of your Time To Shine trainings

  • The chance to receive customized coaching from a branding and video expert

  • Ultimately, the unique experience of dramatically changing your online presence and seeing what’s actually possible for you!

  • Email access to me up to 5 times per week to get your needs met immediately

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