I met Courtney at one of the Seattle area’s finer restaurants. As the Sommelier, she asked if I had any questions about the wine list. When I told her that I recently put a cellar in my home, she was more than happy to help. She spent a lot of time with me, reviewing what I already had in my cellar and made a lot of recommendations of what to add. I can tell you that I have followed her advice and all her selections have been amazing! She is very talented!
— Mick Piche, VP of Sales & Marketing, Jarden

Courtney has a great passion for wine and is a great wine steward. She is knowledgeable and asks the right questions to make sure I get a great wine at my price point. She also follows up to make sure I am satisfied.
— Tommy Gentile

About ME

I'm a Seattle resident and lead Sommelier at one of the Pacific Northwest's most elite steakhouses. I originally cut my teeth as a certified Sommelier in Las Vegas, where every top chef has a restaurant on one street.

As a little girl, I used to pour water into my wine glass to act like the grown-ups. Since then, not much has changed other than that I’ve upgraded to something a little more sophisticated than H20!

My favorite part about being a Sommelier is connecting with people. It is truly rewarding when you help someone find the perfect bottle. So, instead of transitioning into a wine sales job that only deals with restaurant and store owners, I'm taking my love for entertaining to a new level by offering private Sommelier services and events.

Favorite vacation spot? Although I've traveled to Europe, Aruba, Mexico and the Caribbean, my favorite spot for unwinding is Maui! Who doesn't want to be in flip flops and shorts all day?! My husband and I honeymooned in Hawaii several years ago. The combination of relaxation, gorgeous waterfalls and incredible beaches makes me feel like I'm in paradise. A permanent glass in my hand is another big draw!

If you were a wine, what would you be? Such a hard question to answer as I am a Gemini and have multiple personalities. ;) I think I'd be a grower (small farmer) of vintage Champagne. First, because I am partly of French decent, second because I'm not as fancy as a big house name, third because it's my favorite beverage and fourth, because it evolves over time. Additionally, I can be the life of the party, but I also have a serious side. 

Guilty pleasure? I've got a serious thing for runny eggs! Be that on a burger, ramen, you name it, I'm in!

What's your nickname? I have many but my friends call me CoCo or Court. My favorite is when my son calls me Mum-Mum. Melts my heart every time!

Favorite food and wine pairing? Hands down Blanc de Blancs Champagne and French fries. I can't explain how much I LOVE French fries. Like, hands off they're mine, mine, mine (insert evil eye)! The bubbles help to wash the grease off the tongue, the crisp acidity stands up to the salt, and the citrus, delicate fruit flavors and minerality don’t clash with the subtle flavor of the fries.

YES, you can drink wine with that!

My award-winning wine blog, Quit WINEing is a place to learn about wine in a fun and creative way. Breakups, bedazzled lollipops and WINEtails are just the first sip of what you’ll learn to pair wine with, along with suggestions on what to drink, food/occasion pairings and WINE terms. So, pour yourself a glass of the good stuff and get ready to be entertained! Let’s go! 

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